Fast Your Way to a Normal Blood Pressure

A safe and effective way to rapidly normalize blood pressure is water fasting. This technique allows you to have only water and nothing else. This powerful technique helps in the elimination of toxins from the body. It is known to be an extremely effective method of allowing the body to rapidly normalize high blood pressure more effectively than any other treatment reported in scientific literature.

Water Fasting Reduces High Blood Pressure

According to a study conducted by the ANHS-National Health Association, it was discovered that by having patients consume nothing but pure water in a supervised environment of complete rest, blood pressure was rapidly normalized. In fact, many patients who began their fast while on high blood pressure drugs were quickly required to discontinue their medications, so that their blood pressures would not drop artificially low!

Great Benefits of Water Fasting

The reasons for this astonishing success are not yet entirely understood. Certainly, two of the major causes of high blood pressure are being addressed: excessive dietary salt is completely eliminated, and it is likely that some patients experience some reversal of the atherosclerosis process. Though the details are incompletely understood, the clinical results are clear and convincing. Water-only fasting represents an astonishing breakthrough in the treatment of high blood pressure, with the only “side effects” being that people lose weight and feel great.

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