Fasting Helps Reduce Obesity

Fasting is a very effective way of losing weight. It has several benefits for those who practise it regularly. Fasting requires one to abstain from food and sometimes even water. This helps cutting down of calories to a major extent. This helps one to lose weight periodically, unlike regular dieting programs which bring about temporary results.

This type of fasting does wonders for our digestive system. Our body’s digestive organs require rest from time to time. Just as we require days off from work, similarly our body’s digestive organs require rest from time to time.

One-day fasting done in a methodical and regular manner, provides the kind of rest that helps our digestive system. It aids in the elimination of toxins from our body. It also helps us lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. This method is safe, as it does not require you to take any kind of medication to lose weight. It also does not need you to do strenuous exercise. It is a simple practice which requires one to exercise one’s self control in the right way. One may think it is too difficult, but we humans are blessed with an amazing power over self. We just need to tap this source of energy.

Try it out once and success at the first attempt will boost your self confidence to a great extent. Paulo Coelho states that “If you want something real bad, then the entire universe conspires to get you your goal”. So, if you are determined to lose weight then there is no stopping you.


How to Do Proper Fasting

Here is a method of doing one day fasts:

Decide on a particular day and take no food and (if your body is strong) no water for that particular period. It can be from the sunrise of one day to the sunrise of the next day.

Successful fasting has three stages: preparation, the actual fast, and breaking the fast. Each one of these stages is important.



It is very important that you prepare yourself both mentally and physically before a fast or you will find it difficult to go one day without food. Mental preparation is simple, but very important.

The night before the fast, take a firm determination that come what may you will not eat food. Taking a firm stand helps you stick to your decision. Firm determination will not let you waver.

Physical preparation is also very important. The day before you fast, prepare your body by eating a normal amount of food. Take good amount of liquids (especially if you are going to be fasting without taking any liquids).

This is necessary, because if you miss some meals on the day before fasting, then you may start feeling hungry during the fasting period. Also, if you do not take enough liquids, especially during the night before the fast, then you will feel uncomfortable when you are fasting.

Physical and mental preparation helps you a great deal. Positive autosuggestion trains the body to follow the mind. Try this out a few times and you will see for yourself.


The Fasting Day

During the fasting period, it is best to do light physical tasks and concentrate more on intellectual and spiritual work. Use this period constructively. Meditate on scriptures, pray or read books that will enhance your personality, spend some time for introspection and see where you are standing in the walk of life.


Breaking the Fast

Benefits of fasting can be truly enjoyed only if you break the fast in the right manner. One of the benefits of fasting is that it helps eliminate toxins from the body.

However, you can only get this benefit if you break your fast correctly. On the morning following the fasting day, take two glasses of lemon water.

Break your fast by drinking lemon juice; add a pinch of salt to the juice. The drink should taste both lemony and salty.

The lemon water will help flush out the toxins from your digestive system. One day fasts like this can be done twice a month. This kind of fasting will give rest to your digestive organs, help eliminate toxins, build your will power and strength of mind.

Fasting two days a week will do wonders for your body. From the various benefits we see that periodic fasting is definitely one of the elements of a balanced and sustainable weight loss program.

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    I want to loose a lot of weight about 35 kgs. I have tried a lot, but all in vain. As I am a patient of Hypothroidism. I don’t know the correct way for reducing fat & obesity as quickly as possible.

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