Fasting Helps Quit Smoking

Smoking is very injurious to health. This is an undeniable truth. Inspite of knowing the dangerous consequences, people continue to smoke. A burning cigarette contains over two hundred poisonous substances that are carried by the blood to every cell in the body. Smoking leads to increased risk of infections and also leads to aging of skin.

But the good news is that, you are already on the road to recovery as you have taken the effort to browse through the Net to find ways to quit smoking. Also, you may be here to save a loved one who is clutched by the claws of smoking.

You can help yourself or someone you know, who wants to get out of smoking by advising them to fast. Yes, fasting is the best way to quit smoking. You may be deeply surprised at this statement. The fact is that it is nature’s best cure to rid yourself of this evil.

Physicians who have used this approach of fasting have recorded improvement or recovery from conditions of every description that patients had been needlessly suffering with for years.

What Should I Do ?

In order to get rid of your habit of smoking you need to fast for three days. Fast on brown rice and water or carrot juice three days in a row. If you can’t fast for three straight days, fast one day a week for three weeks or as close together as possible. Fasting leads to detoxification and improvement in organ function simultaneously.

The withdrawal symptoms of addiction to such drugs as alcohol, cocaine, nicotine and caffeine are resolved quickly while fasting. Most people are amazed at how easy it is to quit smoking while fasting. Those who have fasted, begin to respect their body in a new way that enables them to take better care of themselves in the future.

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