Is It Safe to Exercise While Fasting?

The answer is


, it is safe to exercise while you are fasting. But it is always better to keep your exercise regimen on a lower profile while you are fasting. Exercising during fasting has always been a debatable issue. Basically, fasting is a kind of test of your willpower and patience.

The activity level differs from person to person but one needs to plan before following an exercising schedule during fasting. Now the question arises: why it is safe to exercise during fasting? Or the question can be rephrased as what are the benefits experienced by exercising during fasting?

Basically there are two circulatory systems in the human body: Cardiovascular Circulatory System and Lymphatic Circulatory System. Exercising during fasting basically improves your lymphatic circulatory system. The lymphatic circulatory system basically is a network of ducts and nodes distributed throughout your body. Lymph system carries all the waste material to the center of the body from where it is eliminated.

The lymphatic fluid is circulated throughout the body with the help of muscular contraction. Hence moderate activity or exercise during fasting stimulates the muscular contraction. The enhanced muscular contraction and lymphatic circulation improves the process of detoxification. To stimulate muscular contraction you don’t need to work out for long. Even simple and easy exercises like deep breathing exercises, walking or stretching can also stimulate muscular contraction.

Usually it is said that never exercise after eating or drinking something. But in the case of exercising during fasting, it is better to perform exercise after you break your fast. According to an experiment mentioned in the

Journal of Applied Physiology


exercising after breaking the fast reduces the rate of muscle glycogen depletion and increases fat utilization.

According to a research study published in the

Journal of Nutrition


people exercising while fasting tend to lose weight faster as compared to people who only fast. The research study also showed that there was a marginal difference between weights lost by the two groups. It is always better to do light exercises during fasting.

In case of over-exercise you might have to face problems like headaches, vomiting, dizziness, etc. Hence it is better to be careful when you exercise during the fasting period. You also need to understand that only to a certain limit your body can handle the pressure of detoxification.

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  1. I intend to hike for a week while fasting. Is there any food complement recommended to take? I heard some people drink fresh fruit juice in the morning and broth (or soup) at night. What would you recommend?
    Thank you for your very useful and easy-to-use website. Thank you for your efforts.

  2. i am on a ten day water fast. I am excited to get excersising!

  3. thanks for the info this was very helfull

  4. Being in fasting mode, detoxify s your system. Your body starts to fit from fat as a source of energy while exercising. The best way if you want to lose volume, focus on what you eat 2 minutes after exercise do not drink any fluid just until you have eaten your meal (it increases your acids ph wish is essential for anabolic absorption in converting amino acids) for example pure protein highly recommend turkey or tuna. Your body will pay attention and highlight the protein as water in a desert, turning anabolic strait to amino acids replacing fat and waste for pure muscle, don’t focus on weight just yet measure your body with some small size jean or t shirt it speaks for it self. Warning do not eat any source of fat carb or sugar during this process unless you want to grow muscle and not cut, the body is ready to obey to your commands. Allow at least two days muscle construction after last workout before changing your diet. There is a very low metabolism in this process wish will allow a dramatic change in your body for growth or lost of weigh

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