Is Fasting safe during Pregnancy?

Fasting is looked upon as one of the means to seek god’s blessings in many religions. But Pregnancy is a crucial period in a women’s life requiring advice and caution at every step. This article tries to understand whether Fasting is safe during Pregnancy or not.

There are many reasons for fasting by people from different religions. Mostly it is a faith that fasting pleases the almighty god and our wishes may be granted. This faith gains relevance when a women is expecting. She desires of a healthy child fasts .
Fasting medically is a very healthy practice advised once a week. It is basically a body detoxification process where the essential organs involved in digestion get much deserved   rest . The fats in our body get burnt up to provide energy for our metabolic activities and the accumulated body wastes get eliminated. This enhances the cellular activities in the body once the fast is broken making us fit and healthy.

But in pregnancy , the food taken by the body is also shared by the developing embryo. So, before a pregnant women fasts it is advisable that visits the Doctor once.  The Doctor may review the general health and Obstetric history of the women before giving the green signal.

It is also advisable to discuss the situation with the religious leaders like the fathers and the priests , and seek their permissions to observe the fasting with some exemptions.

Some tips to remember after getting the go ahead from the doctor are:

• Avoid any strenuous work.
• There should be intake of fluids in the body from time to time , like juices or water at least.
• Coffee and tea should be avoided while fasting.
• The fast should be broken slowly as our digestive system will be recovering from rest. It should not be burdened suddenly with a heavy meal .
• Drink juice or water followed by a light meal after sometime.
• If it is a hot and humid day, staying inside the house is a better option.
• Husbands can fast for half of the day and share the whole day’s fasting.
• We can choose the option of alms giving as a substitute to fasting.
We should remember that the challenge is to strike a balance between our deep rooted faith and the utmost priority of our present life, the Pregnancy.  And the call in the best interest rests with us, ALONE.

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