Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough

Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough




are deeply related. Fasting has an impact on the physiology of the human body that connects the soul to the Supreme. Fasting for spiritual breakthrough is a concept that is known and proven by the science of spirituality. This article is dedicated to exploring some facts about the spiritual boost obtained by fasting.

What is Spiritual Fasting:

Spiritual fasting is the act of willingly abstaining from food or observing penances for the purpose of spiritual advancement or to get nearer to God. It is not just giving up food but feeding the spirit through our obedience of God.

Here are a few thoughts on fasting for spiritual advancement:

Fasting for the reason of

spiritual benefit

brings humility in the observer. Indeed, fasting is the action of humility. The fasting man or woman is not controlled by food. He has time to reflect on his relationship with God. Thus, it is a much needed thing to mend the lost relationship with God.

The Holy Bible gives 74 references on fasting for spiritual benefit. One of them is:

Moses remained there on the mountain with the Lord forty days and forty nights. In all that time he ate no bread and drank no water. And the Lord wrote the terms of the covenant—the Ten Commandments—on the stone tablets.

Exodus 34:28

The principle behind fasting for spiritual benefit is that when food intake is stopped temporarily, many systems of the body are given a break from the work of digestion. This temporary break can be utilized to give time and energy to think about the higher goal of the life: Who am I? Who is God? and How am I related to God?

It is said that fasting without


cannot give any substantial benefit. Prayers are for reconfirming the purpose of fasting as a sacrifice for the purpose of pleasing God. This also makes the body fit for further spiritual understanding of spirit and God.

The practice of fasting can change a person’s life completely. It improves understanding by clearing the subtle brain, making it adept to receive the knowledge of the Supreme.

Other Benefits of Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough

Of course the biggest benefit of

spiritual fast

is that it cleanses your spirit, brings you close to God and makes you a more content person. Besides this, there are other health benefits of this fasting like:


Since you will not be eating anything for at least 24 hours, all the toxins will be flushed out of the body. It is also a good way of colon cleansing.


People who take up fasting for spirituality end up feeling relaxed and free. You realize that your body needs little amount of food and you do not gorge large amounts of food.

Healthy weight loss:

Since you will not be depriving the body of food completely, it is a good way of losing weight. You need to know how to break the fast.

Tips for Spiritual Fasting

  • The best way to start fasting for spiritual breakthrough is with 24 hour fast. This is healthy and easy to follow.
  • Another important tip is to start with a juice fast.
  • It is very necessary to keep drinking water during fasting to prevent dehydration.
  • Drinking a glass of water with a spoonful of honey is also recommended.

Taking up fasting for spiritual breakthrough has benefits for body, mind and soul.

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