Fasting and Female Fertility

Do fasting be a remedy for older women to become pregnant is the topic of latest studies. It has not yet established yet but the research is carried out in mice. This article gives some facets of the topic.

How fasting is related to fertility:

In ancient times women used to fast to conceive. Several types of fasting were recommended for certain cases of infertility and it was considered that children conceived by taking up penances like fasting are more inclined to spirituality.

Fasting is also counted as a home remedy for women who are unable to bear children. A short tern fast of two or three days is recommended at regular intervals by women who have problems in conceiving.

Research Studies in Mice:

The first study on this topic was done by Jonathan Tilly and his colleagues at Harvard Medical School, Boston. Adult female mice were considered and the calorie intake of the mice were reduced by 40 percent. This was observed for 12 months as the reproductive year of the mouse was increased to one year. The results were compared to the mice that were fed normally or fed more, as they like.

The results

showed that the eggs of the mice that fast had fewer chromosomal abnormalities that those mice who did not fast. These abnormalities were studied because chromosomal abnormalities increase the risk of birth defects and miscarriage in both mice and humans.

The results also showed that the mice that fasted also produced more eggs compared to mice who were fed. The findings also relate that fasting artificially stimulated the formation of eggs. The eggs found were more susceptible to develop into embryos after fertilization. In other the results showed that the quality of the eggs of mice that fasted were good compared to those mice that did not fast.

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about the research but not the report or authentication of the results of the experiment.

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