How long does it take to detox from alcohol?

Detox from Alcohol

Detoxification from alcohol

normally takes six weeks depending on the treatment and the procedure the patient follows. Many enthusiastic addicts who want to kick the habit ask themselves “

How Long to Detox From Alcohol

”. The initial stages of the detox are very difficult to go through. But, as the program continues, the patient’s body gets used to the system and finally stops sending signals which crave for alcohol. There are many ways of detoxing yourself, as some people detox from home and others go for detox treatments. However detoxification is a strenuous process, and the ideal way to start the treatment is by consulting a doctor and then kick-starting the program.

The body which is accustomed to alcohol is bound to show severe withdrawal symptoms. This is because, since the body is addicted to the spirit, as the intake reduces, the body cannot supplement the alcohol with something else. The detoxification process will help you flush out the alcohol, and start generating the alcohol recovery elements in the body. If you too are wondering “

how long to detox from alcohol

” then the answer is the program goes for six weeks generally.

Week 1 to 3:(Detox from alcohol)

The initial stages are very dangerous for the patient. The symptoms are very vigorous and sometimes may prove fatal. Since the nervous system as effected by the alcohol abuse, the body starts to demand alcohol. As the consumption of alcohol is restricted, the body stops to cooperate. The various symptoms during this time are:

  • nervous breakdown
  • anxiety
  • tremors
  • hallucinations
  • severe seizures

In chronic cases there are possibilities of the patient suffering a heart failure also. Due to these fierce side effects of the detox, doctors continue to give medication to these patients. This medication normally consists of anti-anxiety doses and seizure medication.

Week 3 to 6:(Detox from alcohol)

By the 3rd week, the intensity of the symptoms subside and the detox process becomes normal. The body flushes out large amounts of alcohol out of the body, hence the craving for alcohol is reduced. There still may be symptoms which are experienced, but they are not so intense. Symptoms like anxiety and insomnia may last for several days. Eventually they are curbed through either medication or naturally.

We hope that answers your question “how long to detox from alcohol”


Tips on detoxing from alcohol

  • If you have finally decided to give up this habit then do not let a few hurdles stop you from it. Whether you want to take up alcohol detox at home or with a professional help some tips will definitely help you stay focused.
  • Drink lots of water to keep dehydration at bay.
  • You may even drink fruit or vegetable juices between water consumption. This will cleanse your liver and make your immune system stronger.
  • Herbs, and other natural supplements will fulfill your nutrient needs to keep the body healthy.
  • Take the help and support of your family and friends.
  • Take up some kind to physical activity. Exercise will produce “feel good” hormones to keep you positive.
  • Writing down your thoughts also work a great deal in keeping you on the track.
  • Express yourself to someone honestly. Remember it is alright to feel weak and feeble.
  • Try till you achieve what you have started.

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