Biblical Fasting – Biblical Reason For Fasting

The Biblical meaning of fasting says, prayer and fasting should go hand in hand. Fasting is done to attain spiritual awareness and to get closer to God. We can pray without fasting and vice versa. But when these two are combined and presented to god the full effect of prayer is obtained. Fasting is done while offering prayers purely to maintain your focus completely on god. Mind, body and soul should all be in coordination to offer yourself in whole to god’s grace.

Biblical fasting is not a necessity but more important as a discipline which was encouraged by Jesus, which he himself practised when he was on earth. The whole purpose of fasting is to reach the shelter of god. There are no other reasons for fasting in the Bible.

Purpose Of Fasting-

There are no health reasons or other medical reasons. The reason for fasting is purely to gain spiritual escalation. The attitude with which we should fast is mainly to devote ourselves to god. Abstaining from food and other delicacies is a symbol of sacrifice and also a test of our belief in god even in the worst conditions. Food is necessary for the body to sustain and nourish it. By forbidding food, we give ourselves to god and ask him to give full strength for our survival.

Humility should be the characteristic we should imbibe while fasting. Nobody has to know that you are fasting, and it should be done in a proper way.

Benefits of Fasting-

Biblical fasting helps us to get closer to god. While we are depriving food for our bodies, god is drawing himself closer to us. Biblical fasting is not done to gain any health or medical benefits, but to only benefit oneself in the spiritual sense. It doesn’t mention anything about materialistic gains.

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  1. You make some excellent points on fasting, I agree with everything you said. Thank you and God bless.

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  3. Can ulcer patient fast

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