Fasting For Blood Work

Blood vessels have to be very clean to get the most accurate results of a blood work. Due to lots of cholesterol deposits and internal activities happening inside the body, the reports of the blood work vary a lot. That is why it is very important to fast before we get a blood work done. There are different techniques of fasting for different types of blood work. The rules for fasting are most of the time dependent on the purpose of getting the blood work done. For instance, if you are going to get a blood work done for diabetes, then fasting is very essential.

Fasting for Blood Work For Triglyceride Levels:

Blood work for triglyceride should be taken only after a 12 hour fast. We should not consume anything for 12 hours before the blood work. Triglyceride content is prone to rise by 15-20% if you consume any food. A normal fast food diet would affect your blood work reports. That is why many physicians advise not to have edibles 12 hours before the blood work. Some people are asked to fast for 14 hours depending on the rate of normalizing of their triglyceride cells.

Fasting For Cholesterol Blood Work:

The time frame for fasting for a cholesterol blood work can only be given by your personal physician. The time may range between 6-12 hours of fasting before your blood test. It is suggested to avoid food having high cholesterol one week prior to the blood test. This will give the body time to flush out unwanted cholesterol. But in doing so, keep in mind that you do not make drastic changes in your diet as this will make the body use the available cholesterol and increase cholesterol level naturally.

Fasting For Glucose Blood Work:

Similar to the cholesterol blood work, fasting is done in a similar style for glucose test also. The time frame for the fast is generally 12 hours. It better to have your blood test appointment in the morning, as it will be comfortable to fast in the night. Make sure that you do not consume anything for 12 hours as that may help your body produce more glucose from the starch in the food.

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