Cataracts And Fasting

Cataract is an eye disease, in which the patients cannot have a clear vision. It is considered that the lens of the eye loses it transparency and causes problem in the vision. There is a cloud like formation on the lens. It generally occurs in the later part of the life. People who are around the age of 80 years, are prone to get cataract. Half of the population in US have either gone under a cataract surgery or have cataract.

Fasting Before Cataract Operation-

Fasting was always considered to do for some reason, before you got the cataract operation done. This was off late proved to be wrong. There was no need of fasting before the cataract operation. There are in fact many complications patients have, if the operation is conducted after fasting. It was proved wrong by many surveys and researches that fasting is not required before the cataract operation.

Reasons For Not To Fast-

Despite the age old belief of fasting prior to an operation, it seems that there is a slight chance of the patient getting aspiration pneumonia. The patients who underwent cataract surgery, have been diagnosed by aspiration pneumonia. According to this study, fasting is not required before the patient is given anesthesia.

A British Medical Research team has done a survey, in 2007-08. Between 1st of April to 1st March, there were 5,125 who had cataract operation. These patients didn’t fast before the operation and non of the patients had any kinds of symptoms of aspiration pneumonia.

It was found that, if the stomach contents free any air way during the anesthesia acting on the body, then it may cause aspiration pneumonia. According to the study, the patients has to fast for only 1hr before the cataract surgery.

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