Fasting And Menstruation

Women who are in the process of fasting, cannot continue their fast for a long time because of their menstruation cycles. For this reason, women are not advised to fast for a long time or for long periods. Because of their menstruation, they will have a problem in dealing with the weakness. There are many other reasons which forbid them from fasting. Menstruation cycles have a periodic pattern in which they occur in a women. They have chums every month depending on their timings.

Fasting For Ramadan-

On Ramadan days, every Muslim has to fast. But the women who are having menstrual cycles are forbidden from doing fast. The reason for exempting the women having periods is, the weakness the women goes through when she is menstruating. The whole body tends to ache and is suffering lot of weakness. As said, Islam is a religion of easiness. It makes all the women suffer less pain. That is why, women are asked not to fast as this is the order of Allah! Women who are menstruating or carrying and are pregnant, or even if the mother is neutering a new born they are asked to stop their fast.

Some of the Islamic scholars believe that, the reason for the Islam. They contradict the previous belief of the women who are not doing fasting on the Ramadan fasting days. According to them, a women is not allowed to perform Muslim duties if she is menstruating. They are not even allowed to fast. Women who are menstruating are known to be impure and are unclean to do any type of religious rituals.

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