Urination During Fasting

Urination is the process of removal of the poisonous urea from the body. Along with this substance, the fluid ejected as urine also contains certain salts and enzymes. The process is voluntary in healthy individuals. This article tries to understand more on the topic of

urination during fasting


How is the Process of Urination During Fasting?

  • The first indication that the body is fasting is known by the change in the color of urine. This happens after few hours of commencement of the fast.
  • In the case of some patients the process can be difficult and might involve slight sensation of pain.
  • The color can be pale yellow and a stinking smell can be present in the fluid as the kidneys stuff the ejected liquid with unwanted substances.
  • As the release of the urine during fasting provides maximum benefits to the normal functioning of the body, it is collected as sample prior to several medical tests.
  • From a clinical view point, patients are instructed to fast for nearly 8 hours before giving their urine as a sample for laboratory test.
  • When the sample is studied by placing under powerful microscopes, several dead cell debris are found along with some hormones.
  • Some experts believe that the detoxification of the body caused by the removal of dead cells can cause weight loss in subjects.
  • The extent of these removed cells is more during the initial phase of the fasting process and continues to reduce with its progression.
  • It is surprising to learn that intake of the urine during fasting, later in small amounts, can have healing effects on the body too.
  • The medicinal discipline which believes that this fluid can heal ailments is called Urine therapy.
  • However, there are very few scientific studies which can support the claims made by the experts of this field.


The practitioners of traditional alternative medicines and modern health care professionals equally stress upon the benefits and significance of

urination during fasting


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