Distilled Water Fasting

Water fast are most popular type of fasting as they are very economical and have very less side effects. It is very important that what type of water is used for fasting. The water purity is a major concern for having the best results of the fast. Unless the water is pure there is no chance of cleaning the toxins in our body. Therefore distilled water is considered to be the best for fasting. The water fasting cannot be done with water which is not distilled.

Distilled Water-

Water fasting should be done with distilled water alone. Purify the tap water by distillation at your own place. Even mineral water is supposed to be having a small percentage of toxins. To avoid that we need to distill the water before using it for the fast. Water is known for it properties of mixing with anything and diluting them. The same concept is applied even in the body too. When lots of water is taken, the substances in the body are diluted and becomes easy to accept it and then flush it out. When there are no toxins in the water which is consumed, then the job of the system becomes easy and will help you purify the organs much easier way.

As the water can run through blood the blood also gets purified. Similarly, all the organs which are involved in the purification of the body elements are helped and get more efficient with their working. The body starts to feel more energetic and healthy.

Fasting Dont’s-

There are some restrictions though which have to be followed.

  • Never fast on water alone. Have some raw vegetables or other organic food.
  • Do not have chewing gums or anything of that sought. Chewing makes your digestive system release the digestive juices, which cause problems in the detoxification.
  • Do not have orange or tomato juices.

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