10 Day Water Fast and Weight Loss

Water fasting has many benefits, especially weight loss. When the fasting begins, toxins enter the blood stream. Toxins along with lack of food leads to dizziness, hunger, fatigue and nausea. Fasting may also result in body odour and bad breath for few days. This article gives information about benefits and tips of 10 day water fast and weight loss.

Benefits of 10 Day Water Fast and Weight Loss

  • Improvement in mental clarity.
  • Rapid and safe weight loss without feeling week.
  • Balanced nervous system.
  • It gives new life to organs.
  • Energy levels are increased. The longer you fast, the greater increase in your energy.
  • The skin becomes soft, silky, and sensitive.
  • Breathing becomes easy, fuller, and deeper.
  • Fasting helps to gain confidence.
  • The digestive system regains its activity. It becomes more effective than before.
  • Detoxification: When you are fasting, body realizes it and eliminates things which cause disease, such as arterial cholesterol plaques, fat cells, tumors, mucus, emotions and worries.

Tips for Water Fasting:

  • Water fasting can lead to dizziness. During fasting, take one or two deep breaths before you stand up to get better heart pumping.
  • In a year, you need to fast at least once or twice which helps to handle the control over environmental toxins.
  • People suffering from schizophrenia, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, or a chronic disorders are not recommended to do water fasting.
  • Besides water fasting you can make a choice for meditation along with it. When you do fasting in a calm, peaceful, loving and undisturbed environment, you would notice positive changes in your personality.
  • Do not drink tap water. Drinking distilled water is good for cleansing. It has magnetic properties and ability to flush toxins from the body. It is not good to use mineral water also. In the absence of distilled water, filtered or spring water can be used.
  • Do not overeat after the fast because it may burden your body and affect rebuilding process.
  • During fasting eat light food.
  • Pregnant, anorexic (causing loss of appetite), anemic or bulimic should not fast.


Ten day water fast and weight loss


is better than 30 days juice fast.

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