Fasting and Exercise

Fasting and exercise help to control weight. It is safe to exercise during fasting. During fasting every person should plan an exercising schedule. It improves the lymphatic circulatory system. It is better to do light exercises because over exercise may include certain problems.

Benefits of fasting and exercise

  • Clears your mind and makes you think better.
  • Weight loss.
  • Good looking.
  • It takes away eagerness.
  • Stomach shrinks after fasting and you may not feel hungry as before.
  • Your confidence increase and you start liking yourself more better.

Tips for Exercise:

  • Choose exercises that you enjoy.
  • Try to exercise in the morning.
  • Do it at-least 3 to 4 times a week regularly. It is better to do for at-least ½ hour.
  • The weather should not effect your exercise. Choose proper place and do it regularly.
  • If possible try to do some kind of exercise daily.


  • During fasting body repairs itself internally. Exercise during a fast may distract body’s attention.
  • Also realize that during fasting body lacks several nutrients and calories that are beneficial to the body. Therefore exercise can be harmful to the body during a fast.
  • Avoid straining yourself during fasting.
  • Do light or low-impact exercise: gardening, walking, or light work.
  • Over-exercise may include problems like vomiting, headaches, dizziness, etc.
  • To balance and stimulate inner organs try to do simple yoga exercises.
  • Stretch and breathe. There are many benefits from deep and conscious breathing.
  • Maintain a regular exercise programme after completing a fast. It helps in proper absorption of nutrients.
  • After fasting don’t start eating all the food you missed during your fast. It may waste your fast.

Tips and Warnings:

    • Children and pregnant women should not fast.

Consult your physician before you start fasting, especially if you have heart disease, epilepsy, diabetes or ulcerative colitis.

  • If you are on medications or even underweight consult your health care provider.

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