Dangers of Water Fasting

Everyone knows that water fasting has many benefits. It cleanses the body and helps to lose weight. But it is important to know that water fasting is also dangerous which include vitamin deficiency, losing muscle and may also result in developing over eating disorder. Dangers of water fasting must be kept in mind before you start fasting.

Dangers of Water Fasting

Since ancient times fasting has been used to cure several diseases and disorders. But today within the Western world it has become a controversial subject. Some believe that fasting cleanses and heals the body. Others consider water fasting is unhealthy and it is starvation but not detoxification. This is the main reason why people are landing in the hospital by fasting.
In the first few days of a fast you will feel hungry. You may get headache, feel tired and restless. You can also suffer from dizziness and faint. Water fasting can ultimately cause serious problems.

Other risks due to long and repeated fast are:

  • Muscle breakdown
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Blood sugar problems


    • If you want to fast, first talk to your health care provider.
    • Before you begin the water fast adjust your diet.
    • Eat less in the days before you begin the fast and avoid meat and dairy products two days before you start fasting.
    • One day before you begin your fast take light foods that can be easily digestible. This includes:
    • fruit
    • soup
    • salad

If you are fasting for the purpose of detoxification and want to be safe from water fasting dangers, you can follow some other options which provide nutrition for your body. It burns the stored fat and release toxic substances to be eliminated. These options include:

  • Juice Fasting
  • Master Cleanse Diet
  • Daniel Diet for Fasting
  • Marthas Vineyard Detox Diet

People who should not fast include:
Pregnant women
Infants and young children
Type 1 diabetics patients
People with serious diseased conditions and other health disorders.

People who are water fasting should take plenty of rest. They should avoid strenuous activities.

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