Fasting Once a Week

Many people fast to improve their health. There are many ways of fasting that gives more benefits such as weight loss, detoxification and improve blood circulation. Fasting once a week also has some benefits. Various types of fasting include water fasting, juice fasting, raw food fasting and fruit fasting.
Fasting in a day on juice is better than fasting on only water. It gives more nutrients which helps in storage of sugar in liver and muscle. Juices are easily digestible.

Benefits of fasting once a week

Following are the benefits of fasting:

It gives rest:

The digestive system breaks down the food whatever you consume. If the food you consume is high in fat and calories the digestive system uses more energy to breakdown the food. Fasting helps to reduce the stress of the digestive system.

It provides nutrients:

When fasting on a juice and fruits, you need to take only vegetables, fruits and their juices. They are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. These are easily absorbed and doesn’t strain digestive system much.

It provides fiber:

The average American diet is low in fiber. To get more fiber you can fast on a fruits or raw food. Some reports suggest that women should get about 20 gm of fiber a day and men should get about 30 gm.


When you don’t consume any toxic foods your body itself can cleanse its organs. This would be mostly possible with water fasting.

Some signs are mentioned below that indicates you to give break to eating:

  • When you lack hunger
  • When you suffer from headache
  • When you lack energy
  • When you feel uneasy
  • When you feel all these you can try fasting for a short time.

Side effects of fasting once a week

  • You may experience headache, weakness and stomach upset.
  • Some people may get very irritated.
  • It may also lead to overeating the following day.

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