Can Fasting heal Liver Cancer?

The best way to cure liver tumours is by removing them surgically. But, unfortunately if the tumours in the liver are too large or have grown in major vital structures or blood vessels, it might become difficult to operate on them. At times it could be impractical or risky to operate on the liver when there are small tumours spread all over it. Due to obvious reasons, when it’s not possible to get operated surgically, you can consider few non-surgical methods.

Liver Cancer Healing through Fasting

When the liver becomes badly degenerated it has to be cleansed in stages. Due to abuse, the liver might become toxic. You can start your juice fast for short periods of time then later on you can increase it to a long fast of over 5 days. Lemons and beets are considered to be beneficial to the liver, so you can start a veggie juice fast.

How does fasting help to clear the liver?

This can be explained in three simple steps

  • The liver can become congested and sluggish because of the way we eat.
  • Through fasting, the liver’s ability to enhance and clear out metabolic flotsam from the bloodstream increases.
  • When the blood in the liver is filtered, toxins are neutralized, scavenged and then reassembled for elimination.

Useful Tips

  • Although fasting is effective and safe, however, when on extended fast, it’s advisable to be under medical supervision.
  • Many disease conditions have common symptoms, so before trying to find a cure it’s extremely important for you to have an accurate diagnosis.
  • By treating yourself for a specific symptom or the wrong disease, you might delay legitimate treatment for the actual cause/underlying cause.
  • Through therapeutic fasting the healing process is accelerated and the body is allowed to recover from serious diseases in a very short period of time.
  • The beauty of fasting is that it is universally available and inexpensive.

When one is suffering from acute illness and has no appetite, then the nature’s way to accelerate recovery is through fasting. However, fasting is not considered ideal for conditions relating to liver, anemia, Cancer and AIDS. But it could be worth a shot. You might have tried it all…why not this?

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