What is Dry Fasting

Dry fasting is also called

Hebrew Fast, Black Fast and Absolute Fast

. This is done at extreme levels and usually done for spiritual clarity and/or union. In other words, dry fasting is practice of denying oneself from both water and food. Unlike other types of fasting, this does not evidences as other types, so it lacks the supportive reports on the efficacy of the physical health.

Dry fasting is usually practiced for a day or less. Accidentally, these fasts may last for more than one day, that is extreme coercion or illness. People whop have practiced dry fast reported the following symptoms.

  • Extreme lethargy and weakness
  • Feelings of depletion
  • Dizziness
  • Sensitivity to sound and light

5 Things About Dry Fasting:

The following are the things that you should regarding dry fast:

  1. Skinny on Dry Fasting:

    Fasting is the process of refraining food water for certain period. Dry fasting takes this to an extreme levels. This refrains from both food and drink for a given period. An individual practicing a strict dry fast doesn’t take any liquid, that is no brushing of teeth or washing the mouth.

  2. Multi-Purpose Process:

    Fasting has origin in various religions, such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism. People where engaged in fasting for growing spirituality. For giving up the earthly need of water and food, an individual focused on the questions of faith. Some think that fasting results in better understanding of the lives and their place in this world. Others adopt various ways of fasting for cleansing the bodies from toxins and chemicals they ingested over the time.

  3. Waterless Cleansing:

    Fasting lets body to take rest from the process of digestion and concentrates on the other functions. Some experts consider that fasting is the best way for whole-body healing and forgoing water helps to increase these benefits. If the body does not take any source of energy, it utilizes old, diseased and defective tissues for sustaining and hence removes them from the body. The body also digests other cells which are damaged in the body and replaces them with new and healthy cells.

  4. Starvation or Fasting:

    Some medial professionals do not recommend any type of fasting and equate it to starvation. Dry fasting results in dehydration if performed for long periods. Dehydration results in tiredness and dizziness and leads to seizures, rapid heartbeat, brain damage and also death in severe cases. Medical attention is must if you perform dry fast for long time.

  5. Do Not Make a Fast Exit:

    Make sure that you take the same number of days for breaking the fast if you undertake dry fast. It allows body to ease back into the normal diet. Drink lemon juice for cleansing and then go for other fruit juices for flushing out the toxins from the system. Gradually introduce solid foods beginning with raw vegetables and fruits into the diet for some days until you take normal diet.

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