Daniel Fast Instructions

Daniel fast depends upon the on the partial fast as mentioned in the Holy Bible. If you wish to enter the spiritual adherent of fasting and prayer, you must attempt Daniel fast. Two scriptures advice about two types of the Daniel fast. First fast is based on the 2 Kings 24 and the other on Daniel Fast. The former one lasts for 10 days and you can only have fruits, vegetables and can only drink water. Daniel fast lasts for 21 days and you must refrain from the Kings meal. Kings meal includes wine, meat and breads. Hence, you must refrain from wine and meat for 21 days.

Apart from the above mentioned food, you cannot eat any processed or artificial foods, foods containing yeast, baking powder and chemicals. Are you surprised what is Daniel fast and the basis of taking up the fast? In bible, this is referred in Daniel, Chapter 1, that Daniel and other children of Israel were prisoned in Babylon. The smart, quick and good looking learners were taken to king’s palace. They were taught Chaldean literature and language.

These young men were offered with King’s wine and meal everyday. However, Daniel earned favor and got a chance for 10 days for proving that water and vegetables can make him and his associates physically and mentally healthy. It worked and they looked healthier on the tenth day and later, other young men were also asked to drink and eat as Daniel and his associates. Hence, this became popular as the Daniel Fast. If you are planning to undertake Daniel fast instructions, consult the doctor regarding it. Healthy eating habits are practiced in Daniel fast and hence, doctor supports the fast.

21 Day Daniel Fast Instructions:

You must pray as you have decided to follow 21 day Daniel fast instructions. Pray over the reasons why you wish to undertake the 21 day Daniel fast. Pray when you feel hungry or tempted to eat which you are refrained from in the 21 days. Daniel followed this as it was against dietary laws. Besides from achieving physical health, Daniel fast helps to gain clarity through prayers.

Clear refrigerators, cupboards, etc from poultry, fish, meat products, etc. Also clear processed foods such as flour and sugar products and artificial foods too. You should avoid

rich food

as Daniel refrained himself from King’s meal. You should store whole and raw foods such as fruits and vegetables. You can also stock high protein foods such as legumes, beans and nuts. You can consume seeds suck as natural peanut butter, whole grain products, ground flax, sprouts, natural almond butter, nuts, etc. Stay away from other beverages and only drink water and 100% natural vegetable and fruit juices, filtered water, spring water and distilled water.

Also you must fast from the distractions such as social engagements, sports, movies and television as you must be closer to God. You must meditate and pray much for at least 10 minutes. You must reflect on the spiritual growth, accomplishments and life. This helps you to gain mental peace and growth.

One should not get carried away with temptations and must continue the fast religiously. You should restrict yourself and must overcome the weaknesses. Daniel fast is practiced for controlling the kind of food you take and also the amount of food you take. This fast helps you to eat and stay healthy. 21 Day Daniel fast instructions helps you to accomplish the spirituality.

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