How to Do Salt Water Flush

A salt water flush is the perfect way to cleanse the whole intestinal tract rather than just the colon. This type of toxic flush is very easy to follow and quite inexpensive. This form of detoxification has a few advantages like eliminating all the harmful toxins and keep simple ailments like headaches, acne and fatigue away. Salt water flush is also known as Oral Enema and is super quick and very easy way to detoxify the body and also remove all impurities from the digestive track.

Steps for Salt Water Flush:

Follow these simple steps for a perfect salt water flush.

  • Do not eat any solids at least 8 hours prior to your salt water flush. Starting the flush this way will ensure that it would be done easily for the rest of the detox process.
  • Make sure that you gather all the necessary supplies. The things you will require for a salt water flush are 2 teaspoons of uniodized sea salt, 2 quarts of purified and filtered water and a container. The sea salt can be easily found in any grocery store.
  • Now, pour the water in a container and heat it at a low flame until lukewarm. You can also heat the water in a microwave.
  • Add the sea salt to this water.
  • Keep stirring the water until the sea salts dissolves completely.
  • Once the salt dissolves, turn off the heat and wait till the water cools off.
  • Now, pour this water in a bottle and drink it at one go. Drink as much as your body will allow.
  • The salt water is of the same consistency as that of your blood and makes it difficult for the body to absorb. Hence, it forces the body to flush out the excess waste from the system.
  • Once you drink the water, wait for half hour.
  • If you do not experience the bowel movement, try some stretching or simply lay down on to your right and rub your stomach. This might help in breaking up all the waste in your system.
  • Even after about two hours, if you see no flushing out. Then, increase the sea salt content in the water and repeat the process again.

It is easy to do sea salt flush and the ideal time to do it is during the mornings.

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