Starvation Diet Side Effects

Starvation Diet Side Effects
Starvation diet has been quite popular for a while. A starvation diet helps you to lose weight very quickly. But, it is really not safe to cut down on your recommended calories. The starvation diet side effects can be severe and dangerous at times. Starvation diets are usually not recommended, but if you are planning to go on a starvation diet, it is advisable that you consult with your physician first.

Side Effects of Starvation Diet:

Here are a few side effects that are usually experienced during a starvation diet.

  • Physical:

    Most of the dieters who go on a starvation diet experience extreme weakness and will have poor sleeping pattern. A few women would lose out on menses and a few might even experience some stomach related issues.

  • Emotional:

    The major emotional side effects of starvation diet is anxiety and depression. And, another highly fickle thing that dieters experience are the mood swings. Even social withdrawal is quite significant.

  • Behavioral:

    During this diet, a person might become a little inclined to unhealthy behavior. For instance, they might over-analyze each and every food they take including fruits and vegetables. At times a few might even drink a lot of caffeinated and calorie-free beverages.

  • Weight Gain:

    Once the starvation diet is broken, it won’t take much time to regain all that weight back. This happens when the dieter gets back to the normal diet and would put on weight fast. Unfortunately, this type of regaining weight can cause damage to the heart.

  • Eating Disorders:

    Starvation diet is not exactly considered an eating disorder. However, there is a probability of it turning into one. At times a few dieter might binge eat and then purge. But, in the end what’s the point in cheating on food?

These are a few grave side effects of starvation diet. And, one should avoid doing this type of diet.

Why Starvation Diet does not Work?

Now that you are aware of the starvation diet side effects, it’s time to know why it does not work effectively.

Few calorie intake might slow down the weight loss

Liver stores the energy just for a single day. When the fasting is carried on for more than a day, the muscle starts producing glucose for energy. Therefore, 30% of the weight loss, after fasting or having a diet with very low calorie intake, is muscle and 70% is fluid. The muscle loss will bring down the metabolic rate and burn fewer calories. As a result, more calories and energy will be saved and the weight loss will slow down.

Starvation diet leads to fatigue

There is a lot of burden of toxic waste on the liver and the kidneys resulting from the breakdown of muscle and fats. The normal functioning of the body is disturbed. This causes, constipation, fatigue, vomiting and nausea. In the long run, it might lead to bone loss, heart disease and kidney damage.

Fad diets can be dangerous to the body. If you want to take them up be sure about the starvation diet side effects and the consequences.

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