Top 5 Negative Reactions of Fasting

Fasting is nothing but, excluding food from the daily diet for longer or shorter periods of time. However, fasting can be done in various methods. It can be done for religious, medical or for a very sought for reason – weight loss! Fasting results can be amazing. But, unfortunately it comes with a couple of negative reactions which at times can be quite embarrassing.

The Negative Reactions

Here are a few common reactions that every body faces during fasting:

1.Bad Breath:

The most common reaction of fasting is bad breath. This is because most of the toxins are eliminated from the body through the lungs which in turn cause bad breath. This can be avoided by rinsing the mouth with mouth wash, by using dental floss and cleaning the tongue with a tongue scraper.


While fasting, the body will conserve more energy and thereby making the heart to pump the blood slower. This results in lowering the blood pressure. And, when this occurs, if a person moves quickly from a sitting or a resting position, the blood would flow to the legs. And, this might result in the brain getting less oxygen for a couple of seconds and thereby resulting in blackouts. The trick to avoid blackout is to sit or get down on a knee as lowering the center of gravity will stop blackout.


During fasting, a majority of people tend to become sensitive to things and get susceptible to cold. It is advisable to wear warm clothes and carrying a hot water bottle can give comfort.


During the fast, the toxins that are eliminated might cause the muscles of the neck and shoulders to tighten. This results in headaches. A nice relaxing neck and head massage can be very relieving or an other option can be to take a pain killer.


When the lymph glands secrete wastes very quickly, the toxic overload can be taken by the liver. But, the liver might secrete these toxins into the stomach along with some bile juice. To avoid nausea, one can drink carrot juice or plain water as it will help in diluting the toxins and flush them out of the system.

These are a few common negative reactions that one goes through during fasting.

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