Is Fasting Good For the Health of the Elderly?

A study by a team of doctors suggests that the elderly can gain a lot of health benefits just by fasting provided, they can balance and maintain their abstinence with the body’s physical boundaries and at the same time coordinate with the doctors health regime. Fasting is considered safe for the elderly.

Simple Tips for Fasting For Elderly

While doing a fasting, the elderly have to keep in mind the following tips:

  • Firstly, before beginning the fast, consult the doctor to find out the body’s health condition and it’s ability to carry out fasting. The consultation has to be done at least a week before starting the fast.
  • During the week of preparation of fasting the elderly have to make gradual changes in their eating patterns. This will help in preparing the body for the fasting days.
  • A good and healthy dietary plan is very effective in improving the quality of life and at the same time increases the elders life expectancy.
  • Fasting is safe for the elderly especially when they are not suffering from any kind of illness, acute infections and enjoy real good health.
  • All through the fasting days, the elderly have to drink plenty of water regardless of them being thirsty or not.
  • Once the fasting is done, they have to break the fast by eating light and healthy snacks like dates.
  • While fasting, the stomach will flatten and it has to be filled gain carefully and gradually.
  • During the fasting period, the elderly have to keep themselves as active as possible. This can be done by doing light exercises like flexing the muscle joints.
  • It is important that the elderly get plenty of rest during the fasting period. However, it is not necessary they have to sleep all the time. Even sitting will work fine.


The elderly suffering from severe kidney, hypertension and chronic gastric illness should avoid doing the fasting. Even if they are, they will have to be monitored from time to time. However, those of them who are having an kidney dialysis can perfectly do the fasting as the dialysis will take out all the excess water.

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