How to Do a Grape Detox?

One of the ideal ways of flushing out all the excess, harmful toxins from the body is by doing a detox. Detoxification is the process of cleansing the body from all the waste and harmful toxins that build up over a period of time. Grape detox is an ideal way to detox the body from these wastes. Following a grape detox is simple as you need to have grapes for all the three meals of the day. Grape detox helps the body in relieving from stress and cleanses it.

Steps to Follow the Grape Detox

Follow these simple steps to have an effective grape detox:

  • Just two days before starting your detox, prepare your body to get used to the grape detox. Minimise your high-cholesterol food intake. Avoid eating heavy meal just a day before your detox. Eat more of green salad, fruits and grains.
  • Start your first day of grape detox by eating a small bunch of green or black grapes along with the skin and seeds.
  • Eat grapes once in every two to three hours which makes it small six meals a day. A minimum consumption of 2 kilograms of grapes each day is ideal for you to get through the day.
  • The grape detox can be followed for a period of not more than six days.
  • During the detox, make sure that you drink plenty of water as it will serve as a source of energy.
  • Not just eating grapes, you can also consider drinking grape juice. For about 100 grams of grapes, add about 3/4th glass of water. Put them in a blender and blend it properly. To add taste to your juice, you can add some salt or sugar.
  • Strain the juice and drink it. If you are drinking the juice, you need to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of grape juice per day.

It is easy to do a grape detox but, all it needs is a little time and conviction.

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