5 Simple Things About Dry Fasting

The most powerful and difficult detoxification process possible can be the dry fasting. This fast is definitely not for beginners. It requires a few days of preparation, for the dry fast to be amazingly effective, one needs to go on a complete water fast day and then a few days on a juice diet.

5 Simple Things About Fasting

There are a few dry fasting things that you should know:

  1. Dry Fasting in a Nut Shell:

    Dry fasting is nothing but refraining yourself from eating any kind of food for a certain period. This form of fasting is also known as water fasting and can be quite extreme at times. In this form of fasting, for about a specific period of time, you need to refrain from both drinks and food. If it is followed very strictly, then washing of any kind is not permitted, leave alone brushing the teeth.

  2. Purpose of Fasting:

    Dry fasting can be considered as a multi-purpose process. Basically, fasting is followed in various religions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism. A majority of people follow fasting to be able to grow spiritually. A few might just follow to cleanse the body from all harmful toxins and wastes.

  3. Cleanse Without Water:

    The fasting process enables the body to give rest to its digestion process and give it ample time to concentrate more on its other functions. A few health-professionals opine that dry fasting is an amazing method for healing the body and depriving the body from the water is considered to be all the more beneficial. During this time, the body will digest all the damaged cells and replace them with healthy ones.

  4. Starvation or Fasting?

    A few doctors have the opinion that dry fasting is equal to starvation and it is not quite recommended by them. Dry fasting does not include food or liquid in any form, and depriving the body from these essential things can lead to dehydration. The state of dehydration comes with tiredness, dizziness and at times can also lead to seizures, rapid heartbeat, brain damage and at extreme situations can also lead to death.

  5. Do not Break the Fast Immediately:

    The number of days you take to prepare for a dry fast, you need the same equal number of days to break from it. This will enable the body to easy back smoothly back into your daily normal diet. Begin your breaking of the fast by drinking lemon juice, this will help in cleansing the body from the inside. And, drink lots of fresh fruit juices which are very helpful in flushing out all the toxins from the body. Gradually, introduce your body again to solid foods. Starting with raw vegetables and fruits can be a good option. Give yourself sometime to totally get used to getting back to your normal diet.

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