Fasting and Candida Infection Cure


can be taken up for many health reasons. It acts as a way of detoxifying the body which helps in getting rid of parasites. In this article let us learn

how can fasting be a cure for candida infection.

Fasting is a good option for those who are seen to have relapses of candida infection. Also candida cleansing is becoming increasingly popular as people are becoming more aware of the yeast growth and other factors.


Fasting can cause a candida die off. Fasting is also meant to strengthen the immune system by the process. There are so many types of fasts for fighting the infections. There are so many recipes for juices and supporting supplements for fasting for this period of time. Some of the processes that are recommended are:

  • Water Fasting:

    Water fasting is done to flush out toxins from the body. In this regard a point to note is that one can experience a few symptoms of a candida die-off which may be very unpleasant.

  • Fasting Supplements:

    By taking supplements that are found in home such as garlic and grated ginger put in water to support the body during the cleanse.

  • Vegetable Juice Fast:

    Fasts that include juices of several vegetables that provide the body with health benefits and energy during the fasting.

But it is better to take up any fast

under the supervision of a health care practitioner

in order to be safe from the side effects.

How Long to Fast

Fasting is done to starve the yeast in the body. Some fasts are for 3 days while some are for 5 days. The duration of the fast also depends on the type of fast.

The Results:

The results are very favorable but depend on the type of fasting. Body may get rid of candida yeast and other undesirable parasites as well after fasting for certain time.


One should break fast carefully and if not done properly it can undo all the health benefits that fasting provides. Even changing the lifestyle can help the body to reduce the chances of relapse of yeast overgrowth in future.

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