Are You Taking up 72-hour Liquid Fast? – A Few Instructions

Liquid fasting

is one of the best way to detoxify the body. A 72 hour or 3 day fasting is considered as the safe length of liquid fast. But it may be a challenging one for those who are accustomed to eat or drink a lot. It is beneficial for those who prepare for the fast a few days before. In this article, we shall give a few instructions to have a successful 72-hour liquid fast.

Here are a few instructions for the liquid fast:

Change of Diet:

Change your dieting habits atleast one week prior to the fast. This means eliminating all alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and artificial sweeteners. If possible discontinue all those habit forming nutritional supplements or any normal supplements in your diet. As these will not be allowed in your liquid diet, it is best to train your body without them in advance.

Fruits and Vegetables:

It is ideal if you eat only raw vegetables or fruits for 2 to 3 days prior to starting the fast. The enzymes contained in them will help you to get rid of toxins easier.

Decide of Liquids:

Check out what is the best liquid for you to drink for 72-hour liquid fast. It is considered safer and beneficial to have fruit and vegetables juices than taking up water fasting, the reason being water fasting has many controversies. Juices offer you healthy nutrients and calories required during the fast.

Meditate and Relax:

Take out some time to relax during the 72-hours of liquid fast. Meditation is a good practice during this time. Massages and soothing baths are encouraged during this period. The central point however is to do as little physical activity as possible.

Care After Fast:

Have a transition plan to return to the regular diet. It is recommended to have raw vegetables that are low in starch until your body gets adjusted to eat the solid food again. Chew food thoroughly to avoid binge eating.

Happy Fasting!

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