Fasting Blood Test Requirements

Certain blood tests are very sensitive to any food or drink. Therefore, it is necessary that the patient should fast before going for any blood tests. It is very important for a person to know about

fasting blood test requirements

before going for any blood test.

Blood Test

What are the Tests that Require Fasting?

The tests that require fasting are blood cholesterol, glucose and triglyceride tests. Even vitamin levels’ testing such as vitamin A and E also require fasting.

For blood cholesterol and triglyceride tests, a 12 hour fast is essential. For glucose and vitamin level screenings, an 8 hour fast is essential. This is so because the blood samples should not be influenced by any drink or food.

What are the Fasting Blood Test Requirements?

Steps Which Can be Taken During Fasting:

  • One can drink water during fasting. Tea or black coffee can be taken.
  • But, it is better to get it checked with a physician, because sometimes caffeine interferes with the tests.
  • Even the regular use of medications are allowed but, you need to take the physician’s suggestion as some medications affect the test results.

Steps Which Cannot be Taken During Fasting:

  • You should not eat any food during fasting.
  • No liquid, except water should be taken and even if you have to take any liquid, take a physician’s suggestion.
  • No gums of any sought should be chewed.

Consequences of Not Following Fating Blood Test Requirements:

If fasting is not done properly before the blood tests, the results obtained will be inaccurate. It also leads to treating the disease conditions like high cholesterol or diabetes. The blood test needs to be repeated again with strict fasting until an accurate result is obtained.

If the test results are not accurate, ask the physician whether you need to get the test done again with prior fasting. Also, if you had not fasted before the blood test, keep the physician informed about this fact.

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