What Can Cause a High Fasting Blood Sugar?

High fasting blood sugar is a condition in which the person’s blood sugar levels rise high after eight hours even after not eating. There are many factors associated with this peculiar condition. Fasting blood sugar test is usually conducted just after getting up in the morning before having breakfast. The factors that can cause a high fasting blood sugar are discussed below.

Intake of insulin or blood pressure medication in excess

Taking too much of insulin or blood pressure medications during nights can result in sudden increase in fasting blood sugar.

The actual purpose of taking insulin is to control and reduce the blood sugar levels in a person. But, when excess insulin is taken, the body intends to increase the blood sugar levels at night.

The same condition arises when excess of blood pressure medication is taken. The blood pressure levels of the body rise at night. The person who experiences this condition may happen to feel certain unusual symptoms. The symptoms include heart murmuring sounds, nauseated and dizziness feelings. An immediate physician’s attention is required in this case.

Dawn phenomenon

This phenomenon also causes rise in fasting blood sugar levels. The liver usually stores sugar in it and at nights, the body gets ready for the action of releasing this blood sugar as soon as the person wakes up. This is the reason a person stays active after waking up.

In some other individuals, this action may result in high rise in high blood sugar levels. To prevent this action, one can take a snack before going to bed in order to inhibit the liver from producing sugar at nights.

Improper Basal Secretion

High fasting blood sugar can also happen if a person is not having a good basal secretion process. The body usually secretes insulin in small amounts so that it can utilize blood sugar in between meals. But, if insulin is not produced due to some other reasons, the liver recognizes this and begins secreting blood sugar. To correct this unusual phenomenon, the person has to take insulin prescribed by the physician.

How can a Person Control High Fasting Blood Sugar?

One can control and prevent high fasting blood sugar by:

  • Doing exercises before going to bed
  • Changing the timing of taking medications at night
  • Eating a snack before going to bed

Above all, it is important to consult a physician and take the correct suggestion for the diagnosed condition.

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