Beetroot Detox Diet

Beetroot is a a highly beneficial detoxifying vegetable. Beetroot detox diet helps in flushing out the toxins from kidneys and purifies the blood. When toxins accumulate in our body, we feel lethargic, insomnia, pain in joints and muscles, mood swings, headaches, eczema, hay fever, allergies and inability to concentrate. To get relief from such health conditions, we must follow a beetroot detox diet.

There are various sources of toxins, which gets accumulated in our body. Synthetic chemicals in air, food, water, wall paints, carpets, foam furniture and various household products are some of the common toxic agents. Not everyone is affected by these toxic agents due to the differences in body chemistry. A person’s genetic ability breaks up the foreign substance which has entered into the body. Every cell of the body helps in detoxification process, but liver cells carry out a large proportion of this activity. This article deal with health benefits of beetroot detox diet.

beetroot detox diet

3 Day Detox Program with Beetroot

Following a 3 day detox program with beetroot helps flush out accumulated toxins in the body. Before you start dieting program, it is recommended you should limit your consumption of meat products. Beetroot dieting helps the body in the following ways:

  • The sap of beetroot helps cleanse the gall bladder, liver and spleen.
  • Beetroot is rich in magnesium and thus, it helps in blood purification.
  • It also prevents formation of thrombi in blood.
  • The non-organic calcium accumulated in blood vessels is dissolved by the sap of beetroot. Thus, it helps lessen the arterial pressure and enhances the working of heart.
  • Beetroot helps in red blood cells formation and thus, improves the content of blood.
  • Chlorine – Chlorine is present in beetroot, which helps cleanse the kidneys, liver and lymph.
  • Betaine – Beetroot has a unique compound called betaine, which is not present in any other vegetable. This substance increases protein absorption and also improves the functioning of liver.
  • Saponin – It is another important substance present in beetroot, which helps reduce the cholesterol in the body.
  • Vitamin U – It is highly present in the sap of beetroot, which facilitates the cure for ulcers and also has anti allergic properties.
  • Beetroot detox diet helps in improvement of cholesterol metabolism and it also fights against cancer.
  • Beetroot also has a beneficial effect on the menstrual cycle and menopause of women.

When you are planning to follow a 3 day beetroot detox diet, it is recommended to drink large amounts of herbal tea and warm water throughout the day. When you feel nausea or weakness, you can take water with honey and lemon. If you cannot bear your hunger pangs, you can take an orange or apple at night.

Beetroot has been researched extensively in the medical field because of its great ability in breaking up of the oncogenic cells (cancerous cells). Beetroot is also used in cancer toxico therapy. Thus, beetroot juice is a powerful drink and it can be attested by a person who has a dirty liver and drinks a cup of beetroot juice.

When a person takes beetroot juice, it helps stimulate the bowel movements, which makes the stools and urine red. It is completely normal as it is the pigment present in beetroot. People who consume alcohol, meat and smoke have a damaged liver as they all tend to accumulate toxins in the body. When they drink beetroot juice, their liver conditions can be improved up to a great extent. They can even gain their health and vitality.

The above are a few health benefits of beetroot detox diet.

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