How to do a Salt Water Flush

Detoxification process is necessary for a healthy body functioning. One of the method employed for cleansing the digestive system is salt water flushing. Salt water flushing helps in elimination of toxins accumulated in the body, especially from the colon part of the body.

Everyone knows the fact that salt is used as a natural preservative to prohibit built of poisonous substances. Similarly, the therapeutic concept of salt water flush for body cleansing is the same as it helps in flushing out the accumulated wastes and toxins from the body and intestinal walls.

According to some medical researches, salt water has the specific density nearly equal to blood. Thus, neither the kidneys nor the blood extracts salt from this process. Hence, salt water is circulated throughout the body without interruption. When the salt water is passing through various systems of the body, it breaks the accumulated toxins and wastes inside the body which are then expelled through the bowels. This process is a less invasive ans simple procedure for body cleansing and it also helps cure various skin and digestive problems, fever, cold and other degenerative conditions. Read this article for benefits of salt water flush.

Benefits of Salt Water Flush

Laxatives help clean a small part of the colon, while a salt water flush helps cleanse the whole digestive tract. Some of the important benefits of a salt water flush are as follows:

  • A salt water flush helps cleanse the tone of the skin and gives a flawless skin.
  • It helps in improving appetite.
  • It helps in better digestion.
  • Salt water flush aids in a comfortable sound sleep.
  • Salt water flush is safe without any side effects.
  • According to some people, salt water flushing is more effective and less harmful than other cleansing procedures.
  • This process is an inexpensive way of body cleansing.

Body detoxification also helps in treatment of certain health conditions such as

  • Common cold
  • Digestive problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Fever

Ways to do Salt Water Flush

You need simply some sea salt and water to perform salt water flushing. Salt water flush should be done in the following directions:

  • Take 1 quart of filtered water in a pan and heat up.
  • Now, add 2 spoons of sea salt in a pan of water.
  • Taste it once and ensure it tastes very salty, if it does not then add more salt to the water.
  • Now, take out salt water in a glass and drink it.
  • To make the taste better, you can add a few drops of lemon to the water mixture.
  • Scrunch up and rub your abdomen so as to break down any clumped fecal matter.
  • Within 15 minutes to 2 hours, you will feel diarrhea symptoms and you will release water from anus.
  • If you don’t get diarrhea, it means you did not put enough salt. Make sure to add more next time.

Tips before you begin Salt Water Flush

The following are a few tips to be kept in mind before you begin salt water flushing:

  • Salt water flushing is beneficial before starting a new naturopathic program like new vitamin regimen or a new diet as it allows you to start with a clean state and unadulterated benefits of new program.
  • If you have some health problems such as cancer, tuberculosis, appendicitis and ulcers, then consult your physician.
  • Celtic sea salt makes the taste more tolerable.
  • Straw can aid the taste of salt water and make it drinkable.
  • Salt water flush will not function properly is performed soon after the meal. It should be done at least after 8 hours of meals.
  • When you drink this solution, plan to be near the toilet after 2 hours of drinking this water.
  • Headaches can be experienced as a symptoms of detoxification, which can disappear by the fourth day.

The above are the benefits of salt water flushing and tips to guide you how to do salt water flushing properly.’>

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