How Does An Apple Cleansing Fast Work?

The apple cleansing fast was put forth by a famous diet advocate, psychic and prophet, Edgar Cayce. The cures he prescribed were mainly focused on herbs, foods and lifestyle changes so that the illnesses are treated naturally. An apple cleansing fast worksto completely detoxify the body and this is considered to be a short-term and sweet fast that lasts for 3 days.
How Does An Apple Cleansing Fast Work?
In anapple cleansing fast, the pectin compound present in the apple leeches away the toxins from the bloodstream dumped in by the liver, kidneys and other internal organs. The fast should also combine drinking at least 8 glasses of warm water a day so that body feels better and rejuvenates.

  • Eat plenty of fresh apples the whole day. You can consume according to you eating capacity and most people usually eat 5 – 10 apples a day.
  • Consume about 48 – 64 oz of warm water in a day to eliminate all the toxins.
  • Continue and repeat the fast for 3 days.
  • On day 3, take 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil. This helps in releasing the stored bile acids from the liver and gallbladder.
  • On day 4, after the fast is finished, start the day with consuming a glass of orange juice, followed by taking fruits and vegetables. Take the usual foods during lunch and at dinner, eat foods rich in fiber.

Seek a physician’s advice before starting an apple cleansing fast. Pregnant women and children should not perform this fast. Lessen physical activities during this fast. Perform this fast at least once in 3 months for health benefits.

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