Alternate Day Fasting

Alternate Day Fasting
If you are one of those who can tolerate the crankiness accompanied with fasting, then alternate day fasting could be a practical way to reduce calories.

Alternate day fasting

is a type of diet plan in which one day of fasting is interchanged with one day of eating.

Research shows that food deprivation every alternate day is easier for people to check their calorie count as compared to daily calorie counting. It is found that alternate day fasting if continued for at least 3 weeks, results in loss of five pounds of weight along with some cracking of the body fat.

Fasting is not just for trimming your waistline. Studies show that calorie restriction can help you live a healthy and a long life. Alternate day fasting is beneficial because it reduces the metabolic rate. With the reduction of the metabolic rate, the production of free radicals and cell-damaging particles also reduces.

In the

Alternate day fasting plan

on the fasting day people stick to sugarless gums and calorie-free beverages. And, on the eating day, there is no restriction regarding the diet. It is observed that people lose some weight as well as fat mass.

Alternate day fasting

was also accompanied with a reduction of insulin level by 57%.

Benefits of alternate day fasting:

Some of the major benefits of alternate day fasting are:

  • Increased life span.
  • Increased insulin sensitivity.
  • Reduced morbidity and stress resistance.
  • Although the reason is still unknown, it is seen that a long term decrease in calorie intake improves life quality.
  • In the alternate day fasting routine, the overall intake of food is not decreased so the body weight is maintained.
  • Other benefits of alternate day fasting are increase in the resistance of brain neurons and reduction in the serum glucose as well as insulin levels.

Hence alternate day fasting has an advantageous effect on neuronal resistance and glucose regulation.

Instructions for Following Alternate Day Fast

The following instructions can help you follow the alternate day diet successfully:

  • While observing Alternate Day Fasting Diet, one does not drink or eat anything every other day, except water.
  • Rest of the days, one can follow a routinal sensible diet for weight loss.
  • You may :
    Fast on Monday.
    Have normal diet on Tuesday.
    Fast on Wednesday.
    Have normal diet on Thursday.
    Fast on Friday.
    Have normal diet on Saturday and Sunday.
  • With this diet plan one might lose about 3 pounds in a week. People with extra fat content, who lead active life, who are healthy might lose more.
  • Do not eat or drink from midnight to midnight.
  • One can add mint leaves or other herbs to make the water drinkable.
  • Coffee, tea and sodas are also not allowed in alternate day fasting.
  • One should drink only plain water on fasting days.
  • Do not binge on “eating day”. Stick to healthy food choices.
  • Consult your health care provider before starting the alternate day fasting.