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How Does An Apple Cleansing Fast Work? How Does An Apple Cleansing Fast Work?

The apple cleansing fast was put forth by a famous diet advocate, psychic and prophet, Edgar Cayce. The cures he prescribed were mainly focused on herbs, foods and lifestyle changes so that the illnesses are treated naturally.

How to Detox with Grapefruit Juice How to Detox with Grapefruit Juice

The diet containing grapefruit juice is an old celebrities diet which many fitness experts and enthusiasts recommend for detoxifying body as well as losing weight […]

Quick Colon Cleanse Home Remedy Quick Colon Cleanse Home Remedy

Our body accumulates a lot of toxins and chemicals by the food we eat and by the environment we are surrounded with. It is very […]

How to do a Salt Water Flush

Detoxification process is necessary for a healthy body functioning. One of the method employed for cleansing the digestive system is salt water flushing. Salt water […]

Beetroot Detox Diet

Beetroot is a a highly beneficial detoxifying vegetable. Beetroot detox diet helps in flushing out the toxins from kidneys and purifies the blood. When toxins […]

Fasting and Candida Infection Cure

Fasting can be taken up for many health reasons. It acts as a way of detoxifying the body which helps in getting rid of parasites. […]

Simple Marijuana Detox Diet

There cannot be an overnight fixing of detoxification from marijuana. It might take more than a month to actually get rid of it from the […]

How to Do a Grape Detox?

One of the ideal ways of flushing out all the excess, harmful toxins from the body is by doing a detox. Detoxification is the process […]

Symptoms of Body Detoxing

The human body is a unique, complex web of reactions and interactions. Detoxifying the body will help to get rid of impurities that might effect […]

How to Water Fast Safely

One might fast for a lot of reasons. Be it for losing weight, medical reasons or just for losing weight. Each one of us would […]

Benefits of Dry Fasting

Dry fasting is the most powerful and difficult detoxification process. It is more effective than other types of fasting. It helps in complete cleansing of […]