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Coconut Water and Fast Weight Loss

Natural beverages are good for weight loss. Coconut water is the most natural beverage and very few people know about the relation of coconut with […]

How To Fast Before Surgery

Fasting for medical reasons such as surgery, endoscopy and biopsy implies abstaining from all kinds of food and fluids. This even includes throat lozenges, bubblegums, […]

Does Fasting Help To Clear Your Arteries?

Fasting is done for many reasons. It is performed as a spiritual ritual in many religions and is done for cleansing the body from impurities […]

Fasting Blood Test Requirements

Certain blood tests are very sensitive to any food or drink. Therefore, it is necessary that the patient should fast before going for any blood […]

Can Fasting heal Liver Cancer?

The best way to cure liver tumours is by removing them surgically. But, unfortunately if the tumours in the liver are too large or have […]

Urination During Fasting

Urination is the process of removal of the poisonous urea from the body. Along with this substance, the fluid ejected as urine also contains certain […]

Bipolar Disorder and Fasting

Fasting is a very natural way of curing or healing the body from different ailments. But there are some concepts which are to be understood […]

Fasting And Menstruation

Women who are in the process of fasting, cannot continue their fast for a long time because of their menstruation cycles. For this reason, women […]

Cataracts And Fasting

Cataract is an eye disease, in which the patients cannot have a clear vision. It is considered that the lens of the eye loses it […]