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Are You Taking up 72-hour Liquid Fast? – A Few Instructions

Liquid fasting is one of the best way to detoxify the body. A 72 hour or 3 day fasting is considered as the safe length […]

Steps for Doing Pineapple Fasting For Lungs

Over a period of time, the elasticity of the lungs tends to get lose. One of the reason for losing the elasticity could be due […]

5 Simple Things About Dry Fasting

The most powerful and difficult detoxification process possible can be the dry fasting. This fast is definitely not for beginners. It requires a few days […]

How to Follow a Grapefruit Detox Diet to Lose Weight

Following a grapefruit detox diet plan is a perfect and quick way to lose about ten pounds or more super quickly. The detox diet is […]

Top 5 Negative Reactions of Fasting

Fasting is nothing but, excluding food from the daily diet for longer or shorter periods of time. However, fasting can be done in various methods. […]

How to Maintain Oral Hygiene During Fasting?

Oral hygiene during fast is very important and one of the major reasons is bad breath! As the tongue keeps getting coated the breath keeps […]

How to Water Fast Safely

One might fast for a lot of reasons. Be it for losing weight, medical reasons or just for losing weight. Each one of us would […]

Can Fasting heal Liver Cancer?

The best way to cure liver tumours is by removing them surgically. But, unfortunately if the tumours in the liver are too large or have […]

Fasting Once a Week

Many people fast to improve their health. There are many ways of fasting that gives more benefits such as weight loss, detoxification and improve blood […]

Fasting and Starvation

Fasting is different from starving. During fasting the body cleanses itself of everything except vital tissue. Basically during Starvation, the metabolic rate slows down due […]

Dangers of Water Fasting

Everyone knows that water fasting has many benefits. It cleanses the body and helps to lose weight. But it is important to know that water […]

Fasting and Exercise

Fasting and exercise help to control weight. It is safe to exercise during fasting. During fasting every person should plan an exercising schedule. It improves […]

10 Day Water Fast and Weight Loss

Water fasting has many benefits, especially weight loss. When the fasting begins, toxins enter the blood stream. Toxins along with lack of food leads to […]

Fasting For Blood Work

Blood vessels have to be very clean to get the most accurate results of a blood work. Due to lots of cholesterol deposits and internal […]

Can I Brush Teeth While I Am Fasting?

Fasting means abstaining yourself from consuming anything. Any solid food is forbidden. Due to this, the body is detoxified and also at the same time, […]