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Is Fasting Good For the Health of the Elderly?

A study by a team of doctors suggests that the elderly can gain a lot of health benefits just by fasting provided, they can balance […]

Distilled Water Fasting

Water fast are most popular type of fasting as they are very economical and have very less side effects. It is very important that what […]

Urination During Fasting

Urination is the process of removal of the poisonous urea from the body. Along with this substance, the fluid ejected as urine also contains certain […]

Bipolar Disorder and Fasting

Fasting is a very natural way of curing or healing the body from different ailments. But there are some concepts which are to be understood […]

Fasting And Menstruation

Women who are in the process of fasting, cannot continue their fast for a long time because of their menstruation cycles. For this reason, women […]

Cataracts And Fasting

Cataract is an eye disease, in which the patients cannot have a clear vision. It is considered that the lens of the eye loses it […]

Effects of Fasting on Metabolism

Metabolism is the chemical reaction in the body which is responsible for all body functions. It is involved in functions like body growth, aging, cleansing […]

Fasting For Blood Work

Blood vessels have to be very clean to get the most accurate results of a blood work. Due to lots of cholesterol deposits and internal […]

Biblical Fasting – Biblical Reason For Fasting

The Biblical meaning of fasting says, prayer and fasting should go hand in hand. Fasting is done to attain spiritual awareness and to get closer […]

How to Detox from Marijuana?

Marijuana is considered to be the toughest drug to get deaddicted from. There are many withdrawal symptoms one has to go through in the process […]

How long does it take to detox from alcohol?

Detoxification from alcohol normally takes six weeks depending on the treatment and the procedure the patient follows. Many enthusiastic addicts who want to kick the […]

Can I Brush Teeth While I Am Fasting?

Fasting means abstaining yourself from consuming anything. Any solid food is forbidden. Due to this, the body is detoxified and also at the same time, […]

How Long Should I Fast Before a Blood Test?

Fasting before giving a blood test is very essential to get accurate reading. If you consume food and take a blood test, then the body […]

Fasting and Female Fertility

Do fasting be a remedy for older women to become pregnant is the topic of latest studies. It has not yet established yet but the […]

Can Fasting Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis ?

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic disease. Though medication is available, the side effects cannot be avoided. Fasting is found to be effective in healing this […]