Juice Fasting

Fasting is the best way of detoxification. Juice fasting is a type of fasting in which the person consumes vegetable and fruit juices only. Water fasting is an ancient form of fasting, but researches show that juice fasting is better than water fasting. Juice contains digestible form of carbohydrates, hence lesser amount of energy is required for their digestion. Juice fasting is beneficial for all kinds of intestinal and stomach disorders as well as for serious kidney and liver problems.

Benefits of Juice Fasting

The following are some important juice fasting benefits:

  • Freshly prepared juices are more useful to the body as these juices are rich in live enzymes.
  • Processed juices are pasteurized but are nutritionally dead as during pasteurization high heat destroys the vital nutrients of the juice.
  • Fasting also helps in the breakdown of toxic material like tumors, abnormal cells and fats and releases their by-products into blood circulation for exclusion.
  • Juice fasting accelerates the removal of uric acids and various other inorganic acids.
  • Juice fasting is highly advantageous in intestinal and stomach disorders. It is even helpful in serious liver and kidney conditions.
  • Fasting stimulates and accelerates new cell growth as the required protein is re-synthesized from the decomposed cells.
  • Juice fasting increases the eliminative capacity of skin, liver, kidney and lungs as they are relieved from the normal load of digestion.
  • Juice fasting is a gentler detoxification process in comparison to water fasting. You can try various combinations of fruits and vegetables to improve your health during the fast.
  • Juices supplement your daily calorie requirement as well as help in releasing toxins from the cells.
  • You are able to consume more number of vegetables by drinking as compared to eating.
  • Digestion and absorption of the nutrients become simpler.
  • During fast, the digestive system gets rest for a while as juices require lesser digestion and are quickly absorbed.
  • Juice sugar helps in strengthening of the heart.
  • Juice fasting acts as a miraculous treatment for eczema and other skin ailments.

Long fasts can be harmful in cases of extreme neurasthenia, tuberculosis and diabetes. Breaking of the fast is the most important step for the success of your fasting. Main points to remember while breaking the fast are: eat slowly, properly chew your food and lastly do not overeat.

Recipes for Juice Fasting

If you are juice fasting then besides fruit juices you can also try vegetables or combination of fruit and vegetable juices. Vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, moreover vegetable juice allows faster absorption without affecting your digestive system. But relying only on vegetable juices during juice fasting is not advisable as they will not be able to provide you with all the nutrients.

Here are some exciting juice fasting recipes

  • You can try mixing carrots, wheat grass and kale. Carrots are rich in Vitamin C and beta-carotene.
  • Instead of wheat green you can even use spinach with the above combination. Spinach is a rich source of Vitamin B, iron and folic acid.
  • Mix fresh tomatoes, cucumber, celery, broccoli and parsley. Fresh tomatoes contain double the amount of Vitamin C.
  • You can use onion, garlic and ginger for seasoning your fresh carrot juice. This would be a treat to your taste buds and also nutritious and healthy.
  • You can even try adding celery and cucumber to your carrot juice. Cucumber is also rich in Vitamin C, that helps in the detoxification process of your body.

It is always better to select fresh and organic vegetables. Don’t forget to wash your vegetables properly with water. You can also try vegetable and fruit cocktail.